About #AIShowBiz, Mentor InSight, Lionbridge, and IgnitedSpaces

About #AIShowBiz:
#AIShowBiz event has a mission to create and convene a vibrant community that cultivates immense profitability for AI/Entertainment Industry focused founders, funders, futurists and firms. The event, which is a summit, is created by Mentor InSight, Inc., title sponsored by Lionbridge and sponsored by IgnitedSpaces, Magical, Advantage Video Systems, Stratabeat, AI World, Cognitive World and Transform Group.

About Mentor InSight, Inc.:
Mentor InSight, Inc. is a media and market maker corporation established in 2002 with a moonshot mission to facilitate an Obi-Wan Kenobi style hologram that is a guru that you could beam into the palm of your hand for help with anything, anywhere, anytime. To take steps toward accomplishing this mission we are convening and creating a unique community around the intersection of AI and the entertainment industry.

About Lionbridge, Global Services for Machine Intelligence:

  • Lionbridge provides the human component to complement and augment our customers’ AI efforts by providing scalable and complete global coverage.
  • As customers move quickly to solve data problems, they can rely on Lionbridge to offload the program management and operational requirements to execute solutions.
  • We align fully with our clients’ organizational structures, processes, and have over a decade of exceptional performance working on the most sensitive client programs.

About IgnitedSpaces
IgnitedSpaces develops and operates facilities with resources and services that speak directly to the needs of the Media and Entertainment industries. With a deep understanding for the vital role that content plays in the success of businesses today – and the incredible demand for new content that distribution channels like Netflix, Amazon and others like them have introduced – the demand for studios and production facilities offered affordably as an extension of office space has become vital for individuals and businesses that want to succeed within media and entertainment.