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The behind-the-scenes story video!

We at Mentor InSight are very serious about helping you achieve your goals and this book is part of a five-step package we call the MentorInSight.net Tool Kit. This tool kit is the result of Mentorographer Molly Lavik’s many years of mentoring young people embarking on their career path and her recognition that mentorship through storytelling can be incredibly transformative.

The first step, which we encourage you to do, is to take the complimentary Going Supernova Traits Optimizer—GuSTO for short—survey, which is a self-assessment of your own predisposition to superachieve when faced with a challenging goal. Upon taking this short survey you will receive a direct response from Molly identifying which of the five traits of superachievers you need to focus on. Molly developed this list of traits as the framework for the MentorInSight.net Tool Kit after interviewing the 111 superachievers featured in the book, and she did it so that you too could Go Supernova. The GuSTO Survey for your own self-assessment is available at: www.mentorinsight.net/tool-kit/gusto-survey.

From there, in step two, you will be encouraged to read the inspirational, firsthand stories in Going Supernova that correlate with the trait(s) you may want to focus on to enhance your own superachievement probability. The stories are fascinating and organized by the five Going Supernova traits Molly found predominant in people who superachieve.

Those five traits are:

  • Transforming adversity into opportunity
  • Stepping outside your comfort zone
  • Zigzagging
  • Self-exploration
  • Full-throttle focus

To learn more about the Going Supernova Book visit: www.GoingSupernova.net.

Then you are ready for step three, the GuSTO app, which you can download from the Apple App store. That will let you do something that I don’t think has ever been offered publicly before. With the GuSTO app you can easily connect and interact with advisers who can help you achieve your major goals. This is done by combining your calendar with those of experienced people who know what it takes to be successful and who can help you plan, strategize and stay on track with your dreams. It’s like having your own high-level advisory board—a group of virtual mentors who, with the help of the GuSTO app, will be able to alert you to business opportunities, provide career advice and help with business networking. For more information about the app and the GuSTO Support Center Career Coach, which comes with it, visit: www.MentorInSight.net/GuSTO-app.

Once you have mapped out your strategy for success in your GuSTO app calendar and shared it with trusted advisers, benefiting from their guidance, you are ready for step four—entering the Superachiever Studio. That’s where people, including myself, will be present for live workshops where we will share more of our stories and interact with you personally, answering your questions and sharing insights that help you be prepared for important personal and business opportunities. To see the schedule of upcoming Superachiever Studio webinars visit www.SuperachieverStudio.com.

And the final step, number five, allows you to join an ongoing support group for striving superachievers known as theMentor InSight Membership and become part of a growing community of tomorrow’s top achievers! Join: www.MentorInSight.net/Membership.

You can learn more about the five-step process of the MentorInSight.net Tool Kit by visiting: www.MentorInSight.net/Tool-Kit.