Carrie Morgridge

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Mile High United Way, Photographer: Susan English

Vice President, Morgridge Family Foundation; Dedicated to Innovation

No Matter What Size the Gift: Follow Your Passion

About 15 years ago, my husband and were given an exceptional opportunity. We were empowered by John’s parents, John and Tashia, to start our own private family foundation. They encouraged us to give with love and passion. As a result, we formed The Morgridge Family Foundation. Today our mission is to invest in the transformation of education, conservation, health and wellness and the arts. We are passionate about these four sectors and it brings joy to our work and giving.

We believe education is the critical element to ensure success for all individuals. This belief alone helped us shape our foundation and we initially focused our work in education on literacy. This was an easy fit for us, as our children were entering school and reading to them and working with letters and numbers were a top priority in our home. We worked really hard to make the biggest impact possible with the resources we had. As we evolved as a foundation so did our giving. In 2008, we discovered the power of technology in the classroom, and we moved towards funding more projects that included both technology and education. This quickly became our new focus area and we funded more gifts and grants to schools that shared our passion. We were able to observe firsthand how technology transformed the classroom for both the student and the teacher—in a very positive way.

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