Chris Paine

Chris Paine on the set of Revenge of the Electric Car
Photo Credit: Jessica Yurasek

Environmentalist; Documentary Filmmaker, Papercut Films

From Documentaries to a Year on the Road

I know I need to step out of my comfort zone. Fortunately, life usually creates plenty of opportunities. When it doesn’t, I chase them down. It keeps me fresh. It’s exciting. And every few years, I find myself in enough of a mental or creative rut that I know it’s time to go a bit further. As an old timer said at Burning Man, “Sometimes you just have to leave the tent.”

And so again I left my tent in LA this year to set out on a big trip. I talked my partner into joining me, rented out the house, found a temporary home for the pets, and took off with a backpack just like I did when around the time I was 20 and 30 and 40. And, come to think of it just like my parents did with my brother, sister and I when I was fourteen.

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