Dr. Sarah Jane Pell

Sarah Jane Pell, performing “Omnes Sumus Pulvere Stellarum,” 2014.

Underwater video: Nelson Gomez.
Image Courtesy of Spellart.

Visiting Research Fellow, RMIT University; Senior Space Art Consultant, Icarus Interstellar; Committee Member, Standards Australia; Independent Artist, Sarah Jane Pell T/A SPELLART

From Human Expression in Exploration of Sea to Space

There is a certain degree of reluctance to admit that I had a “typical” Aussie childhood. I fear that this discounts or denies a great deal of atypical aspects. The consistent aspect of my life has been change and duality, or flux, and I have been in an ever-present state of flow. Nothing has been static, stable, or fixed. This implies that I had no certainty, but there has been some.

My parents divorced before I went to kindergarten, so I had two school bags, two lunch boxes, two sets of clothes, and two beds. Most of the time, I felt like I had double. This grew into the belief and reality that there was always another way. I discovered the importance of respecting local custom and the lack of any universal rules, and that nothing lasted forever.

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