Eric Ashenberg


Founder, BrainGoo Studios, LLC

The beginning of my career was incredibly boring. I started out as a lawyer/CPA. From there I moved on to specializing in international taxation for celebrities. Then I started doing talent management, which was basically babysitting celebrities.

In the mid 1990’s, I moved to Los Angeles, where Hollywood magic happens. Here I met some of the smartest and most creative individuals in the industry. They are referred to as “below the line” talent (basically jobs like: graphic artists, technical directors, and visual effect artists). It was these types of talented people that were able to accomplish incredible feats. An example would be taking Brad Pitts’s head and facial features and digitally placing them on another person’s body for the movie character Benjamin Button, in the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. When I talked with the people in the movie industry who had worked with this technology, they were looking only to use it in other movies. I knew that these applications could be used in a broader scope, such as when people went online.

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