Janabai Owens

Co-founder, Rawvolution

From Lighting Inspirations to Visionary Creations

Part of being able to put these ideas into action is also being willing to move fearlessly when I believe in something. Reflecting back, I recall diving headfirst, without metalizing or self-doubt, into the raw food movement. I was into eating raw early; I got into it in New York City in the late 1990s. From there I just kept plowing ahead and was teaching yoga, raw foods, and cleansing at different retreat centers around the world. I arrived in L.A. in 2004 with enthusiasm and excitement over the ideals about raw foods, cleansing, and yoga—only to find that the Los Angeles raw food movement was still very much in its infancy. There was a huge space to be filled with ideas and co-creation, and the community was really ready for good food!

Idea creation, inspiration, and dissemination seem to truly form a life motif for me. Before getting into yoga and raw food, my professional background was in marketing and entertainment. I have strong instincts toward creating and producing, and when I developed a strong passion for healthy eating and green business, I was just driven to share it with the world. Since arriving on the L.A. raw food scene, I’ve co-created two raw food cookbooks with my partner, Matt Amsden, as well as the world renowned and locally beloved Rawvolution Café. I have served as a pioneer in the sustainable business community. I’m proud that I was a key part of the team that effectively lobbied the Santa Monica city government to create both the foodservice Styrofoam ban and the retail plastic bag ban. I’m very active in partnerships with both my local community and global non-profits.

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