Jeff Rozic

Brand Product Strategist, Google BrandLab

From Working with Marketing Leaders of Small Businesses to Working with Marketing Leaders of Big Brands

I was Director of Marketing for a social marketing startup when that software segment got consolidated almost overnight (with Google, Salesforce, Oracle, and Adobe buying up all the competitors). I had to find a new role and I felt I had learned a ton in my marketing leadership role and now it was time to step out of an early-stage environment.

From a friend I worked with previously, I heard about a new product marketing role at Google called the Brand-Lab. I had worked there before and even though it’s a large company, it has a cool, startup feel throughout—especially when you work on the right project. And it’s just a great company. I decided to pursue the role, and I clicked with the people who started BrandLab. This led to an exciting time when I needed to uproot our small family from Boulder, Colorado, and move to Northern California, the Bay Area, for my new position as brand product strategist. For my wife and I, it was an interesting time; we had lived in California for six years previously, but never in the Bay Area—and that was by design. So we were definitely going out of our comfort zone.

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