Joel Makower

Chairman and Executive Editor, GreenBiz Group

From Green Business Skeptic to Sustainability Thought Leader

Ive been self-employed as a writer, speaker, and entrepreneur for thirty-eight years. My career has been a succession of experiences, many outside my comfort zone, in order to grow and learn and not do the same thing over and over. I think the most significant story that relates to what I do now is that in 1989, Penguin Books recruited me to write the U.S. edition of a U.K. best-seller, The Green Consumer Guide, by John Elkington, whose name you may know.

Although I had written about consumer issues over the years, I hadn’t previously thought about green consumers, and I didn’t know much about the green marketplace. I was pretty skeptical that people would change their buying habits based on environmental considerations. But it was interesting. I became a journalist not because I wanted to report the news, but because I thought it was a way to poke around and find things that aligned with my values and passions. Fifteen years after graduating from college I was being asked to take on the topic called “green consumers.” At first I wasn’t interested and turned down the project, but they came back, and I finally agreed.

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