John Boyer

President, Rodax Software, Inc.

From IBM to Visionary Technology Entrepreneur

I thought about what is a good story for someone in the mentoring business and decided it would be my experience starting Rodax Software. When I started on the journey of creating a mobile app, it was based on an idea that originated from my wife and a friend of hers. They wanted to coordinate schedules electronically, but found it very hard to do so because they were using different calendar programs. This was also a family problem of ours, in keeping track of our kids’ activities, doctor’s appointments, practices, etc. So we came up with the idea of putting all the individual calendar information together.

When considering what would be the best part to talk to you about, I decided it was the process of executing on the idea. Getting in and doing it! When I first started this, the real challenge was that I didn’t know how to develop mobile applications. I had to learn how to do that. I did that on my own. It was all self-taught.

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