John Tarnoff

Boomer Reinvention Consultant, Newspeak Media LLC

From Push to Pull Career Reinvention

Im currently focusing a lot of work on the question of reinvention. I have realized that I’m a lifelong self-reinventor. I have gone from a push to a pull, in the sense that for most of my career, reinvention was something that I had to do because I essentially found myself out of a job. It came about as part of the process of figuring out how to get back up on my feet again and get another job. The first time that I actually turned that from a push to a pull situation, in which I actually identified an opportunity to create a job and pull that to me was when I was working with Village Roadshow Pictures in the early 1990s.

Reinvention is the process of developing a new sense of self with respect to personal and career identity and reaching the realization that what you have done up to this point either hasn’t worked well enough or has not adapted sufficiently to external or internal changes. We are in a period of such incredible, rapid transformation in our culture, and businesses are quicker than ever to launch and to fail. So everyone has to understand how to reinvent themselves, particularly those in the baby boomer generation like me who feel very lost and aren’t generally early adopters. We tend to dig into our comfort zone and our given paths and hold on to what we have, even if we have to compromise a lot of other things in order to hold on to it.

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