Joshua Wenner

Accelerated Growth Expert, Entrepreneur, Consultant, Coach, Executive, Adviser and Investor

Transforming Adversity into Opportunity

In life we have a number of possible roads to take, and it can be challenging to determine the “right” path. This is true in both our personal and our professional lives. My life has consisted of many amazing successes, as well as many failures. After many failed attempts, I started and grew a company to $1 million in revenue and went bankrupt shortly thereafter. For many years, I had a very hard time being OK with my failures.

One day I contacted one of my mentors, who, in the early years of the Internet, created software to automate online trading for individual investors. He now has a $50 million company and is always investing and starting new companies. I was asking him what he looks for in partners, and he said, “I always ask what someone’s greatest failure is, how they handled it, and what they learned from it. If they haven’t had an intense failure and learned to be humble, I don’t want to be the partner they have to learn those lessons with.” At that moment, I suddenly felt proud of my failures and have since held them as badges of honor in my progress toward learning. To further support this, I recently read that people used to spend seven years studying with a guru in their chosen profession. The last decade of my life has been filled with many lessons, and my greatest lessons have come through my greatest adversities. My hope in sharing my story is that I help you release any judgment and that I inspire you to transform your failures into your opportunities!

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