Kathy Van Ness

General Manager, Golden Door

From Lifestyle Business to Brand

Currently, an interesting part of my career has been to step out of my comfort zone and network, talk to multiple executives in various industries, and ultimately find an opportunity that captured all my skill sets in managing consumer product companies and then shifting my career from the fashion world into the hospitality industry. Most people grow up in a field and stay within that field, but to be brave enough to take the things I knew about righting businesses and effecting change and applying this fresh new point of view which is laser-focused on the consumer was the perfect formula. That means changing what is typically a traditional hospitality business into a lifestyle business into a brand, which is the Golden Door.

For years, the legendary Golden Door destination spa had been on my list of places to visit. Earlier this year, I not only visited but became the COO/GM of Golden Door Properties. So exciting!!! The business includes the spa, farm, beauty and skin-care products, gourmet foods, apparel, and more. My life’s work and career in fashion, health, and fitness resonates magically, and the opportunity to meet with interesting guests each week is truly extraordinary.

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