Kayla Cushey

Junior Girl Scout Troop Member, Sixth-Grader

From Fifth-Grader to School Lunch Savior

Our school was not selling enough nutritional food for lunch. My Girl Scout troop and I decided it would be a good idea to change that situation. This would be our Girl Scout troop act of service for our Bronze Award project, which is a pin we receive that shows that we completed an important service for our city.

Our Girl Scout troop was determined to help make our lunch food choices more healthy. To accomplish this goal, we went on to websites and did research at each nearby school district to try to find a program that served healthier food for lunch. We looked at what they were serving to get an idea of how to make our lunch menu healthier. We knew the Torrance, California School District had the same distributor as the Hermosa Beach City School District. We also had to meet with the principal and superintendent of our school and with the officials from the Torrance School District who decide the school lunch menu.

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