Keith Pillow

President and CEO, CADDY Marketing and Communications

From Closet Whiner to Champion Problem Solver

Relatively early on in my career, at about the five years of experience mark, I was working for a consumer technology software company in Marina del Rey, and it was the best job I’ve ever had. Unfortunately, I joined the company at a time when it was not doing very well, even though it was publicly traded and I looked at the financials and they had seemed solid before I joined. It turned out there were a lot of behind the scenes issues of which I wasn’t aware. In any case, I knew I was going to be laid off, so I started looking for another opportunity.

On the same day I was laid off, I received an offer to relocate to Houston, Texas, and work for Weber Shandwick Worldwide, which is one of the top three public relations firms in the world. It’s owned by Interpublic Group (IPG). I was hired to work in an a very, very demanding role that involved managing business and financial media relations at Compaq, which at the time was the world’s largest manufacturer of personal computers. This was also a very important role on the single largest piece of high-tech PR business in the world, all done with one single agency!

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