Lama Marut (aka Brian K. Smith)

Photo Credit: Cindy Lee

Award-Winning Author, Spiritual Director, Middle Way Centers

From Living the Good Life to Helping Others Live a Happier Life

This is a story about how my lifes direction took a major and very unexpected turn. I was living the good life by most people’s measurement. It was the 1990s. I was working at the University of California with full tenure. I was able to go surfing all the time. My job wasn’t that challenging. In fact, I had made it to a point where my job was pretty easy for me. I could have easily sat back and continued this easy lifestyle until retirement.

And then something happened that was truly transformative, that caused me to pause and rethink my life’s path: my best friend committed suicide. No one saw it coming. He ran his car into a telephone poll going 90 miles an hour. It was a real wake-up call for me.

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