Larri A. Peak

Professional Celebrity Makeup and Hair Artist, Fine Art Painter

From Struggling with Abuse and Addiction to Creating Women of Renewal Nonprofit

My parents met in April of 1971. They got married two months later. I was conceived, and on March 24, 1972, I was born. By the time I was about four I had two brothers, and the mom and daughter time was cut short. Looking back, I can see how this set the tone for me seeking attention. I’m the oldest of eight children and have been a mom-in-training from a very young age. To be the role model and leader to my brothers and sisters came with its own set of experiences. Being the oldest, I found myself being, or trying to achieve being, the example of proper behavior in order to receive validation and love that I so desperately desired. I loved any attention I could get. Thank goodness the majority of my community revolved around churchfolk.

In kindergarten, my innocence was taken, by one of the male teachers that would come by and keep an eye on us during naptime. After years of keeping this secret and being haunted by nightmares, I strongly believed that I was one of his victims. The memory of this act has many black holes full of mistrust, confusion, guilt, and shame. It took many years for me to find the courage to share this with anyone. The outcome was sad when I was misunderstood and not taken for my word. I have found the healing energy to overcome this event and know that it happened for a specific reason, to support other women in their life experiences.

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