Lauren Ashley Lobley

Lauren’s dad giving her away on her wedding day.

Writer, Chef, and Health Coach, Delectable You

From Financial Sacrifices to Economic Independence

I think its fair to say that our lives can be broken down into specific moments, ones that forced us to make choices, to choose the roads less traveled or the ones most trodden, to be or to act one way or another. These choices shaped not only our lives, but also our core values. Today, I certainly base all decisions on my governing core values. I can recall a very poignant moment from my teenage years when I made a choice that solidified one of my values forever, setting the rest of my life in motion. It was a choice between being a victim—an easy route, to be sure—or rising above unfortunate circumstances to do what I wanted to do anyway.

To go back a bit, when I was younger, my father was the vice president of mortgages for a bank. He made a good living, but when he had an idea for a new business that he was passionate about, he left his job to pursue his new venture. At the time, he had a wife and three kids, so it was risky, but he did it anyway.

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