Maryam Henein

Photo Credit: Megan Evans

Documentary Director, Producer, Journalist, Eco-entrepreneur, and Author

From Accident Victim to Environmental and Wellness Advocate

My journey began in 2002 while outside of the metaphysical bookstore The Bodhi Tree. While negotiating a crosswalk as a pedestrian, I was hit by a Ford Explorer going forty- five miles an hour and dragged fifty feet. This horrible accident resulted in several broken bones: my L1, tailbone, five ribs, and my left femur. I had a 14-inch metal rod put in my left femur and was in horrible pain for three years. I eventually fought to have the metal rod taken out.

To do so, I whipped out my press card and pretended that I was writing an article on metal hardware so that I could get orthopedic surgeons on the phone to figure whether I could remove the metal. Having the titanium inside my body had changed my chemistry. I found it toxic. Since they use a rubber hammer to dislodge the rod, there was a chance that my bone would break again. But I was willing to chance it.

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