Michael Thomas

Entrepreneur, Environmental Activist, Actor, and Stand Up Comedian

 From Who I Used to Be to Who I Am Now

My divorce went final in March of 2013. The majority of 2014 has been spent by myself doing a lot of grieving, heart work, and transitioning from my old self. I was letting go of who I was and grieving the death of the person that used to be me. This year has been about moving from who I used to be to who I am now. It’s been really intense because of the uncertainty of it all. You don’t have a guide or someone telling you what happened to get adjusted.

It’s just been a really challenging time. . . . So, here’s what happened to me. At approximately 3:30 a.m. on the Friday morning of May 20, 2011, an exchange happened with the person that used to be in the body I now inhabit . . . like when you play tag, “you’re it!” You know that game when someone touches you and says “tag, you’re it!” or like the one where you had to run around musical chairs and when the music stops you have to sit, last one to sit is out because there are no chairs left. Another being tapped me as if to say “you’re it” and I came into this body. I would find out months later what happened to me is called a “Walk-In.”

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