Nancy Mancilla

CEO & Co-Founder, ISOS Group, LLC; Sustainability/CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Reporting and External Assurance, GHG (Greenhouse Gas) Verification, CDP Reporting and Training, GRI (Global Initiative) Certified Training

From Sin City Resident to Sustainability Expert

My biggest experience stepping outside my comfort zone was making the decision to leave home to go to college. In a city where people can easily go work at a hotel dealing cards, parking cars, or, for girls, stripping, for thousands of dollars a night, going to higher education isn’t the first preference among high school students. For young people, there’s little interest in struggling when they can make thousands of dollars a night without a higher education.

Even for me at the time, I didn’t have too many people to speak to that had the experience of going to college. I had no one who had experienced going to college, aside from my teachers. It was really hard to get advice from anyone. I had to just trust that it would be a good investment in myself and that I, too, was worthy of achieving the American dream.

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