Patricia Nazario

Photo Credit: Photojournalist Karla Henry

Award-winning Journalist; Producer/Director, Masa Revolution: The Backstreet to The American Dream

From Daily Reporter to Documentary Filmmaker

My story may more so fall on the inspiration side of the bell curve of what you’re doing. At the moment, you find me producing an independent film for theatrical release about the food truck revolution. I’m a journalist who has covered local news as a television and radio reporter. I’ve also filed stories from around Central/South America as an international correspondent. My background becomes important in leading up to my decision to go off, on my own, and produce an independent film.

I graduated from UCLA in 1991 and started working in local TV news. After a few years on the air, I walked away from a TV reporting job to attend the best graduate journalism school in the country: Columbia University in New York City. I was in the class that began with the tragic events of September 11, 2001. Covering the terrorist attacks carved out a new opportunity for me with National Public Radio (NPR) affiliates and news programs. After graduating from Columbia in 2002, I moved to Buenos Aires and started filing radio reports from around South America.

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