Patricia Sill

Actress, Rug and Interior Designer, Event Producer, Workshop Leader, Activist

From Student to Collaborator

What does it mean to be a superachiever? Without question, it is someone who can produce extraordinary results and accomplish great success. I once had a teacher offer me a slightly different take on the idea, however. He said that, for him, superachievers are not only people who accomplish amazing feats. They are also people who have an ability to produce an unexpected level of results in the face of not having the seemingly-relevant background or direct experience one would otherwise expect. In other words, they leave you asking, “How did they possibly do this?”

While I am a trained actress, I have also had the ability to jump into projects across a number of fields in which I have no formal training—film production, interior design, workshop leader, rug design, philanthropic events—and produce unexpected results.

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