Patrick Barry

Patrick Barry gains the attention of SEAL instructors, who continue to ask him, “What is your why?”

Photo Credit: Todd Seligman

Co-founder, Assembly Line Games; Graduate, Kokoro Camp, SEALFit Academy

When Capability Exceeds Belief

Kokoro (ko-CORE-oh): the Japanese character which represents mind, heart, and spirit. In the Japanese culture, there is no distinction between the three.

The most significant milestone to date in my life is one that I constantly revisit and one that I have come to describe conceptually as “Capability exceeds belief.” To test this concept, in September 2011 I applied to, was accepted, and embarked upon a grueling training program called Kokoro Camp at the SEALFit Academy, in San Diego, California, that is designed for men in their twenties on track for elite Special Operations careers in the U.S. military. As a forty-six-year-old not bound on this path, I was an outsider on both counts, but journeyed there nonetheless to experientially comprehend whether I as an individual was really capable of more than I believed.

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