Paul “Scott” Slocum

Photo Credit: Jim Froneberger

Publisher, Aero Media Group

From Working for Someone Else to Working for Yourself

Entrepreneurship isnt compatible with being afraid to go out and do something. Making the leap requires swallowing the fear of failure and realizing you aren’t going to really get anywhere if you are working for someone else. You spend so much time making a living that it is worth it, in my mind to work for yourself. It’s worth the risk to pursue something you love.

I have loved airplanes since I was a kid and always wanted to fly. When I got out of high school, there weren’t a lot of financial resources. My mom was an artist, and my dad was a doctor whose hobby was sculpture. Artistic blood ran in our family. In middle school, I would try to do different pursuits and I discovered I didn’t have the patience for different things. Then I took a photography class in high school and fell in love with it! My career has always been in the graphic arts and the printing industry. My publishing company includes an in-house creative, advertising agency where I utilize my love of graphics.

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