Peter Glatzer

Co-founder, SHFT

From Law School Student to Environmental Media Entrepreneur

I never subscribed to the kinds of societal or social pressures about where I should be in my life at any given point. I made a pivotal decision when I was pretty young, and it stayed with me, to listen to my inner compass. I was enrolled in law school, not because I wanted to be a lawyer, but because I majored in political science as an undergrad. I thought that my education wasn’t over, but I wasn’t sure how I was going to finish it. Law school seemed as good a next step to take as any. And it was going to make my parents happy. Then one day the summer before I was supposed to begin, an ex-girlfriend’s mother, who was a successful theater producer, introduced me to the producer of August Wilson’s first play, Fences. I deferred law school and took a low-level (high learning curve) job with the production. It starred James Earl Jones, opened on Broadway, and won four Tony Awards and a Pulitzer.

There was no particular structure I had to work within. I rejected the “script” of following a particular secure path, like law school. Although I’d find in time that it would be the harder road, it proved to be the right road for me.

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