Pilot Ronald W. Trumble

From Aviator to Taking a Cessna 172-M Way Beyond Its Altitude Limits

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View the video as Pilot Ronald Wayne Trumble takes his Cessna 172-M way beyond its altitude limits above Mauna Kea.

I always step out of my comfort zone and take advantage of the situation; it’s just my personality. But I evaluate it very carefully and then make a decision. I’m not an opportunist per say, but you must take the opportunity to take advantage of any situation, whether it be aviation or business. I do not go out and search for these things; they just come my way in life. I didn’t set out to take my Cessna way beyond its altitude limits, I was simply trying to experiment with the airplanes potential of soaring higher. I was just trying to get some thermals (winds that lift the airplane’s wings propelling the airplane higher) to see just how high I could get my airplane with my new engine.

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