Piper Moretti

Entertainment Professional

From Oklahoma Girl to Working Actress and Producer of the Blue Marble Gang

Ive been living in the Los Angeles area for twenty years after moving from Oklahoma to be in the entertainment industry. Acting has always been my passion, and always will be. I did some soul searching, career assessment, the Myers-Briggs personality test, and performing arts was at the top of the charts every the time. At the time, in 1997, I was working in post-production. I went to Los Angeles Community College, and a counselor there named Deborah Cook looked at my testing. She said, “You are a performer, why aren’t you doing it?”

I said, “I’m scared to death. How am I going to eat?” She said, “Look, if you wake up dead tomorrow, what are you going to most regret?” I burst into tears, but she motivated me to try. It was a huge learning experience, meeting amazing people and being a part of those projects. That led me to act and produce in The Vagina Monologues for four years in a row. Then I met my partner, Julie Hassett. We decided we needed to start something. We wanted to do a good project, and we wanted to do good for mankind, something that means something. At the time, her daughter was three and tearing up the coffee place where we were meeting. I was trying to teach her that littering is bad, and I wished there was a television show that taught kids how to not litter.

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