Ramona Wright

Photo Credit: Andreas Branch

Serial Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

From Being With Others to Learning How to Be Happy Being by Myself

What would I consider a comfort zone? Where do I start? I think I’m going to talk about a challenge I’m currently working through. My biggest challenge is being by myself for the first time in my life—and I mean really being by myself. I’m not lonely and I’m not scared. I’m not sad either, but I think that it’s this overwhelming feeling that for the first time I’m truly independent and often spend a lot of time alone.

My mom passed away in 2012, and talking to her every day or so, sometimes only once a week, is no longer a part of my routine. So much has changed in my life the past few years regarding what was familiar and normal to me. I feel like loss, or perhaps letting go, has become my new reality. After my mom’s transition, I sold my share in a public relations firm that I helped to establish and ended a partnership with dear colleagues. I had to give up my Chihuahua, my little Lula, because I was traveling quite a bit and it became too much to keep her in a stable environment.

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