Rebecca Mink

Founder & Designer, Mink Shoes

From Animal Lover to Designer of Vegan Shoe Couture

When I was four years old I went to a birthday party for kids, and there was a boy there, and he told me hot dogs are made out of dogs. From that moment on, I became really, really curious and, literally, I went out of my way and made it my goal to find out exactly what I was contributing to when I was eating. I had a direct connection to the fact that I didn’t want to harm any animals to eat. So, basically, I was the one in our household not eating meat and interested in finding out what I was eating in the home with my parents.

My parents were worried because at the time people thought a child would get sick if I didn’t eat meat. So my parents were really concerned, and they basically tried to force me to eat meat in a lot of different ways. One time they took me to the zoo. When my parents forced me to eat meat, I would either put it in a napkin or throw the meat they served me in the toilet or sit at the dinner table for five or six hours because I didn’t eat the meat they served me. I would do anything not to eat it. So then they took me to the zoo as a last case scenario because I liked animals, and they tried to get me to eat fish. I ate some fish before we went into the zoo. I was stung by a bee at the zoo because I had the fish still in my mouth for six hours. Basically, that caused them to find out I hadn’t swallowed the fish. So my parents decided they were going to find a way to cook me food that was not animals.

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