Robit Hairman

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Robit Hairman has lived in South Africa, England and The USA. As a youth he hitchhiked around Africa and Europe, landing in Los Angeles where he became a screenwriter, recording songwriter, Interactive system designer and inventor.

He has written 11 screenplays, 3 plays, 1 novel, hundreds of songs and poems and created over 50 interactive characters.

Hairman also pioneered interactive media as A CD-ROM Designer ( Brief History of Time.) He won seven awards including the Smithsonian- Computerworld Heroes of Software Award. He created Dr. Phoenix, perhaps the first Interactive Character, based on Dr. Ken Colby’s “Overcoming Depression “‚Äč Program.
He wrote and directed Scoop, a stealth education journalism game featuring Ben Bradlee and Larry King, in which you talked with 25 characters in ten stories.

He went on to found Talkie Inc. an Interactive Character company. that produced over 50 Interactive Character’s including Customer Service rep Claire for Sprint PCS.

He won two patents for The Protagonist System, a system for interactive story generation.

He continues to write and play in multiple media.