Rodrigo Veloso

Photo Credit: Scott Redinger-Libolt, redphoto


From Consumer Goods Entrepreneur to Sustainable Pioneer

I have been stepping outside of my comfort zone since I was quite young. When I reflect on my own history growing up in Brazil, I switched high school several times. I did my senior year as an exchange student in the U.S. and then went to University in Sweden. I launched my first business venture in Sweden at nineteen. I have been constantly pushing myself and stepping out of my comfort zone. You don’t get used to it—there is obviously always risk involved.

I am happy to share some stories about my coconut water company—O.N.E. Coconut Water—that I co-founded in 2005. We sold the company to PepsiCo outright, 100 percent, in 2012. That was quite a journey. Since the beginning, I was fascinated with waste. The idea was to create a venture that all stakeholders would benefit from: coconut farmers, investors, consumers, employees, the community, and everywhere we were selling the products.

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