Rusty Rueff

Presidential Appointed Member, Advisory Committee on the Arts for the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts; Chairman Emeritus, Grammy Foundation; Former National Finance Committee Member and Coordinating National Co-chair, Technology for Obama, Obama for America 2012

Stepping into the political fray to serve as one of the many National Finance Committee members and as the coordinating national co-chair of Technology for Obama, aiding the reelection of the president in 2012, was probably one of the most uncomfortable, challenging, and out-of-my-realm things I have ever done.

I got asked to do it because in 2008, Obama supporters came to me and asked if I would get involved with the then Senator Obama’s campaign for the presidency. I ended up supporting him financially and raising a few dollars, but at the time I was running a start-up and, as we say in the tech world, “out of bandwidth.” This was 2008, and the world was falling apart at that moment in time. I explained that I really couldn’t do anything that would require a time commitment, but if there was a 2012 campaign, please let me know and we can talk then.

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