Sandra Gold Slon

Wife, Mother, and Attorney

From Expectation of Teacher to Achievement of Partner in Prestigious Law Firm

I grew up in a traditional 1950s family. My father was the major breadwinner and my mother took care of the house, raised the kids, and worked as a real estate salesperson. Neither of my parents had gone to college. But my mother shared with me her love for reading, a life-long passion for both of us. Both my parents were supportive of my attending a university, but expected me to graduate with a degree in education and become a teacher, which was the highest career path they (or I) foresaw for women at that time.

I met my husband when I was still in high school, and from early on he encouraged me to reach for educational opportunities and career goals that were way beyond anything I had ever contemplated. He was incredibly supportive of me and always wanted me to keep moving forward. Before and after we married, he would tell me repeatedly, “You are so smart. You are so thoughtful and articulate. You would be a great lawyer.” But I didn’t know any female attorneys and couldn’t see myself in that role.

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