Sarah Spitz

Producer/Publicity Director, KCRW; “Culture Watch” columnist, Santa Monica Daily Press (Active); UC/Cooperative Extension certified LA County Master Gardener; UC/Cooperative Extension certified LA County Master Food Preserver; Advisory Board, Food Forward, Non-profit Gleaning/Harvesting for the Hungry

From Band Singer to Public Radio Producer to Sustainability Volunteer

I left college before finishing my degree in English Literature in 1974. I should have finished the degree, but instead I got a job working for Universal Pictures in their 16-millimeter feature film rental division, renting movies to the home, college and institutional market. I did pretty well there for a while, but actually I hated the job and got fired, and I’m glad I got fired. I joined a “casuals” band, and was the lead singer performing at private parties and other events for five years. That band is still working today.

Then I went back and finished my degree at UCLA in English Literature. I got straight A’s during that last quarter, even received a personal letter from the Dean of the College of Letters and Sciences congratulating me for being on the Dean’s Honors List which felt good, since there were at least 10,000 students in that school, and he especially noted my academic achievement. After working for a few years, college felt almost easy.

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