Shannon Bart

Photo Credit: Jon Weinberg Photography

Shannon (Schaefer) Bart, Sustainable Production Manager, NBCUniversal; Founder, EcoSet Consulting

From Long-Distance Friendship to Marriage

While earning my undergraduate degree I studied abroad in Wellington, New Zealand for one year. During a two-week break from classes, some friends and I set out to see the South Island. As we made our way through popular destinations we stayed in youth hostels and met people from all around the world.

One night, on our second night in Franz Joseph, a small town of 330 people, we met a group of Israelis on the front porch of the hostel. We had both hiked the glacier outside of town earlier that day and that night stayed up late talking and laughing. They were making their way north so we exchanged details. After connecting in Wellington and even skipping classes for a week to continue traveling with them, I became good friends with one in particular, Yaron Bart. After Yaron’s friends left New Zealand he stayed on with me in Wellington as he pondered his next destination. We became very close friends, our relationship never becoming romantic.

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