Steve Glenn

Tiffany Paige with a Lucky Charm Living Legend, Steve Glenn

CEO, LivingHomes; Short Story Writer

From Lucky Charm to Writer of Treatment That Was Turned Into a Feature Film

Turns out a majority of the women I date seriously get engaged within four months of our breakup—or they meet the guys with whom they later get engaged. I’ve had maybe seven serious relationships since college and it’s happened to five of them. Years ago, after the fourth ex got engaged, I was telling a couple of friends about this increasingly weird dating phenomenon and one who is a writer said I should write a movie script about it. “You are the Lucky Charm,” she said. I told her I wasn’t interested in writing scripts and I was sure I had no talent for it. But she insisted: “You should write a treatment.” I didn’t know what a treatment was. She explained that it’s a kind of story idea for a movie.

Months later, on a flight from New York to Los Angeles, I decided to write the treatment. (I remember the flight because it was the last time I was actually caught up on email, so I had time to do something else.) When I was done, I sent the treatment to the other friend to whom I had spoken, because she wanted to share it with her producer husband. He loved it and he brought in a writer who also loved it. Miramax Films wanted to option the story.

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