Susan Frank

President and COO, Better World Group

From One Door Closing to Another One Opening

I stepped out of my comfort zone in two recent instances in my professional life, both of which occurred close together. The first was the period of time when I was closing down the Steven and Michele Kirsch Foundation, in 2007. The foundation reflected the broad charitable commitments of its two founders, ranging from cleaning up the air in California to eliminating nuclear weapons to supporting local, Silicon Valley nonprofit organizations. I had just been named the foundation’s president and CEO when Steven was diagnosed with a rare cancer. He decided that he wanted to shutter the foundation so that he could devote his wealth to cancer research. The process that followed would definitely be out of my comfort zone.

During the subsequent six months, I had to lay off staff members who at one point had been my co-workers, ensure that our founder legally transitioned his funds to cancer research, and say good-bye to the job I had held for the past seven and a half years.

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