Susan Lucci

Photo Credit: Photographer Yolanda Perez

Emmy Award Winning Actress and Broadway Star

From Shyness to Broadway Starring Role

The biggest thing I have had to battle is my shyness. One summer day when I was a little girl, my mom locked me out of the house so I would play with other children. I remember pounding on the door to be let back in. But I did end up staying outside and playing with the children down the block.

Shyness is a third person in the conversation, a third presence in the room. And yet, even as a child I loved to perform. I would make up plays and stories and I would act out all the parts. I would put on costumes. It is just in me to perform. I have always felt very at home onstage or in front of a camera. Performing has always come naturally to me—it’s how I played, how I entertained myself.

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