Ted Ning

Co-founder, Yuzen

In regard to trends, I’ve always been attracted to doing things in a certain manner. So if the crowd is going one way, I tend to go the other way. I started living this way when I was younger. I grew up in Colorado and wanted to be a professional skier. This was during a time when skiing moguls and performing aerial stunts really resonated with me. I chose to become a professional skier and took the professional skiing route with my career.

Back when I became professionally involved with skiing, it was all about slalom racing, which is skiing a course straight downhill between poles. I wasn’t interested in that type of skiing, even though that was what was popular at the time. I wanted to just go and ski moguls. Skiing moguls is a really exhilarating form of skiing. It involves a type of freestyle skiing where I have an opportunity to showcase tricks, jumps, controlled speed, and my turning abilities while keeping my knees bent to absorb the impact of the mounds of snow that I’m skiing over. The mogul skiing originally attracted, back when I was a professional, a different type of skier, though today it’s an Olympic sport.

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