Vishwanath Iyer

Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Coach, Actor, and CEO, Yoga and Love

From Starving Student to Love Guru, Best-Selling Author and Hollywood Actor

Ive always been very ambitious. I came to America with the intention of doing a Ph.D. in genetics. Personally, I was never that great in academics in comparison to my cousins or the rest of the people in my family, but still I wanted to study for a doctorate.

Somebody had promised to help with a student loan, but that didn’t come through. The next thing I knew, I was alone in America with no money to study. I’m from a fairly well off family. I had never had any issues with money. I was already in my late teens by then and was too proud to tell my parents I was broke. I thought they would ask me to go back home. I didn’t want to leave. I wanted to stay and fight it out!

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